How to Sleep Better with Mulberry Silk Bedding

How to Sleep Better: Is Your Bedding Holding You Back?

Do you desperately need to know how to sleep better? While you might blame stress or caffeine, your bedding could be the culprit behind your restless nights. Learn how your choice of bedding can impact the quality of your sleep and provide solutions to help you sleep soundly.


How to Sleep Better with Mulberry Silk Sheet Sets

Feeling Too Hot? Feeling Too Cold? Your Bedding Might Be the Culprit

Too Hot

If you are prone to night sweats, experience hot flashes, or simply find yourself uncomfortably warm during the night, your bedding is likely the cause. Common bedding fabrics such as cotton and synthetic materials do not allow for adequate air flow, meaning any excess heat and perspiration from your body is not able to pass through your bedding. Instead, it becomes trapped within your sheets, causing you to overheat. Mulberry silk on the other hand is a much more breathable fabric, allowing this excess warm air to pass through and keep you at a comfortable temperature all night long. Curious how to sleep better? Invest in mulberry silk bedding for an uninterrupted sleep.


Too Cold

Similarly, if you find yourself too cold at night, your bedding may be to blame for your sleeping problems. It can be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep if you are left shivering. Though you may try to layer on more blankets to achieve a comfortable temperature, you could find yourself becoming overly hot later on. Mulberry silk bedding products have the unique ability to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long – not too hot or too cold!


Skin Irritation: Another Sleep Saboteur

If your bedding is scratchy, itchy, or causes irritation in any way, this may be effecting your quality of sleep. Choosing the wrong type of fabric for your bedding can tug on or chafe skin, bunch together, and even harbor dust mites and allergens that disturb your sleep.

However, wonderfully smooth mulberry silk bedding can offer you a healthier, more comfortable and more restful sleep. 


How to Sleep Better with Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Learn How to Sleep Better with Mulberry Silk Bedding

Don't let your bedding rob you of precious sleep. Upgrade to mulberry silk bedding for a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience. Discover the Smooth Sleeps difference and learn how to sleep better today! 


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