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Smooth Sleeps Silk

Smooth Sleeps silk is 100%, long-strand 6A mulberry silk, with an optimum momme count of 22. Let's break down what this means.


Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk produced by silkworms nourished solely on the leaves from the mulberry tree. This meticulously controlled diet produces a silk with finer, smoother, and more uniform fibers compared to other silks and fabrics. Mulberry silk fibers are known for their long length, fine diameter, and smooth texture which contribute to the overall strength and resilience of the fabric. As a result, mulberry silk is highly prized for its luxurious feel, natural sheen, and long-lasting durability.


Silk Grade

Silk grades serve as a classification system to assess the quality of silk, taking into account factors like texture, colour, and overall excellence. 6A grade silk refers to the highest quality of raw silk—characterized by long strands, uniformity, cleanliness, neatness, and minimal defects. This top-tier silk boasts a radiant, pearly white hue.


Momme Count

Momme count is a measurement used to express the weight or density of silk fabric. One momme is equivalent to the weight of one pound of silk for an area of 100 square yards. A higher momme count indicates a denser and heavier silk fabric. In the silk industry, silk products with a momme count of 19 to 25 are generally deemed ideal. Smooth Sleeps silk is 22 momme, which produces the finest weight and density for silk bedding and accessories.



Smooth Sleeps founder, John Kenmuir, personally sampled silk fabrics from over a dozen Chinese factories. After careful consideration, he selected a stellar example that met the standard of quality and luxury he envisioned for Smooth Sleeps. John also made sure to conduct thorough testing of the cutting, needlework, and overall quality standards to guarantee the utmost precision and excellence in the manufacturing of his product.


Smooth Sleeps wanted to ensure accessibility, which is why we stock 100% of our products within North America. This approach guarantees maximum availability of items, sizes, and colours, coupled with reliable and trackable shipping from our fulfillment center in Ferndale, WA.

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