Spring Clean and Refresh Your Room with Mulberry Silk Sheets

Spring Clean this Season in Style with a Bedroom Refresh

Spring has sprung and that means it's time for a thorough spring clean. Kickstart this season by participating in a bedroom refresh.


Spring Clean and Refresh Your Room with Mulberry Silk Fitted Sheets

Switch to Spring Sheets

In your spring clean, consider swapping your heavy flannel or cotton sheets for breathable, silk sheets! Silk sheets offer year-round perfection, providing cool comfort during warmer months and cozy warmth when temperatures drop. With spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to make the switch to fresh new silk sheet set – an investment that will last you season after season.


Spring Clean Your Room

Take advantage of the revitalizing spirit of spring by giving your bedroom a thorough spring clean and makeover. Swap out tired old comforters for Smooth Sleeps premium silk duvets, filled with 100% mulberry silk floss for unparalleled comfort. Upgrade your pillows to our exquisite Silk Filled Pillows, ensuring restorative sleep every night.


Spring Clean and Refresh Your Room with Mulberry Silk Bedding

Silk for Every Spring Occasion

Embrace the energy of spring while ensuring restful sleep with Smooth Sleeps Eye Mask. Block out early morning light and late-night distractions for a peaceful night's rest, all while aiding in wrinkle prevention and nourishing dry skin with the gentle touch of silk.

Prepare for springtime adventures with our silk Travel Combo Pillow and Eye Mask, designed for luxurious comfort on-the-go.


Step into Spring with Silk

Whether it's through bedding or accessories, embrace the spring season with elegance and style. At Smooth Sleeps, we're dedicated to making every season a celebration of luxury and quality comfort. Shop now and experience the benefits of Mulberry Silk!


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